**Scam** Watch out for Domain Name Scam

Scam Type Counterfeit Product Scam Business Name Used Netportal Domain Date Reported Apr 23, 2018 Scam Description this company sends out an email which appears to come from the registrar of a domain you own, the email threatens loss of data, loss of ranking, undeliverable emails, and suggests that the domain will be offered for auction. ... Read More »

9th May 2018
Web Ace Inc / eComi.Systems update

We wanted to provide an update since joining forces with Web Ace Inc in June 2017 and to ensure you that the team at eComi.System/Web Ace Inc is still available here 24/7. The team is still here working with customers to provide technical support, answer hosting questions, and complete design and development requirements.       Web Ace Inc ... Read More »

12th Oct 2017
Better Service & Management For Your Website

When it comes to website hosting, there are many tasks that need to be managed.Website back-ups, software updates and security need to be monitored and maintained regularly.  The basics have always been in place at eComi.Systems; but, there is always room for improvement.   eComi.Systems and Web Ace Inc. have joined forces to provide the best ... Read More »

26th Jun 2017

Please do not pay any domain name registration fees by phone or paper mail.

Domain name registration renewals and hosting fees can be confirmed by logging into your EcomI.Systems Client Area.

There are a number scam paper mail billing notices and email that request credit card payment.

Thank you,

Ryan Low

17th Dec 2016
Mobile-friendly Update

Mobile-friendly design is critical to online success.  Recent studies show that over 70% of smartphone users access the Internet on their device; a trend that is expected to increase. [eMarketer]  Google released a mobilefriendly updatethat boosts mobile search rankings starting on April 21, 2015.

14th Nov 2015
Reliable Hosting

Choosing a website hosting company is no small task.  EcomI Systems has done the research and selected reliable servers to host your business online.  Rest assured with state-of-the-art performance servers and equipment including server firewall, monitoring and intrusion detection.

13th Nov 2015
A Complete Solution

At EcomI Systems we understand that every business is unique and requires shopping cart software that can be molded to fit your unique business processes.  We offer unlimited categories, products, images and orders with real-time shipping in all our packages.

12th Nov 2015
Secure Transactions

Operating an e-commerce store requires meeting PCI Security Standards.  EcomI Systems offers WebTrust compliant, 256 bit SSL encryption, for browser and mobile support.  Website security certificates are powered by GlobalSign.

10th Nov 2015

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