May 9th **Scam** Watch out for Domain Name Scam

Scam Type Counterfeit Product Scam Business Name Used Netportal Domain Date Reported Apr 23, 2018 Scam Description this company sends out an email which appears to come from the registrar of a domain you own, the email threatens loss of data, loss of ranking, undeliverable emails, and suggests that the domain will be offered for auction. ... Read More »

Oct 12th Web Ace Inc / eComi.Systems update

We wanted to provide an update since joining forces with Web Ace Inc in June 2017 and to ensure you that the team at eComi.System/Web Ace Inc is still available here 24/7. The team is still here working with customers to provide technical support, answer hosting questions, and complete design and development requirements.       Web Ace Inc ... Read More »

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